And then the rains came…

Sept. 8th/17

After more than three months of nothing-but-sunshine, at last the rains have come, right on cue – signalling the start of school and the end of summer.

Such of the grapes that have survived the drought, droop heavily on the vines. Soon they will be stripped bare by the birds. No human will pick theses grapes, for the vineyard continues on in its limbo state…How long can it carry on as a non-operational proposition?



Liking it at Lakes

Liking it at Lakes

Six weeks into our Island adventure. The pa-a-a-iiiiii-n of moving is behind us. At last.

Time to figure out ‘where’ we are, and if we like it here…Hello, Cowichan Valley! Hello to our ‘kelp-in-the-tide’ existence (swishing from one activity to another, as our moods and needs take us).